Tycho S Snr Type La Distance From 1 Kev To 2 Kev 1 Kev 24 Cm T Of Emission Dista

I need help with this science chart and this supernova graph.

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Data:Tycho’s SNR (Type la)Distance from 1 KeV to 2 Kev: 1 Kev = 24cm#t ofemissiondistancefrom 1 KevEnergy ofchemicallineemission linesymbol(cm)(Kev)of element3.3 75SNR G292.0+1.8 SNR (Type II)Distance from 1 KeV to 2 KeV: 1 Kev =24cm# ofdistanceEnergy offrom 1 KeVchemicalemissionemission linesymbolline(cm)(KeV)of element

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