Please Help Me With These Questions Show All Of The Steps To Each Solution Thank

Please help me with these questions. Show all of the steps to each solution. Thank you!

  1. Increasing the tension in a guitar string will make the pitch of note played ______________?

           (a) Lower

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           (b) Higher

           (c) The same

2. When you pluck a guitar string at the center, which of the following is true?

           (a) The note played will have only odd harmonics.

           (b) The note played will have only even harmonics.

           (c) The note played will have both odd and even harmonics

3. . Antifreeze has a density of 1.07g/cm3, while water has a density of 1.00g/cm3. What is the density of a mixture of 2.0L of antifreeze and 3.0L of water?

4. Water flows through a 0.050m3-cross-sectional-area pipe at a speed of 2.3m/s. How long does it take to fill a 5.0m × 4.0m × 3.0m swimming pool?

5. A horizontal spring-mass system has a spring constant k = 255N/m and mass m = 0.14kg. If the system oscillate with an amplitude A = 0.12m, what is the speed of the mass when its displacement from equilibrium is 0.05m?