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Topic 1: Organized Crime

While the mob or the mafia is what usually comes to mind when people refer to organized crime, the fact is that ethnic gangs have a completely different look in modern society. Watch the following YouTube video. Whether Mexican, Russian, African-American, Polish, Albanian, Japanese, or any other group these organizations have gained power and criminal influence over the years. Please talk about the different ways that these groups maintain their power, why people take part, and what can be done to stop them. How can the police effectively fight these close knit groups? Are Mexico’s drug cartels an example of organized crime?

CBS. (2008, May 8). Growing threat of Russia’s mob (CBS News). Retreived from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNiLV1kP1xI

Topic 2: Secure Fence Act of 2006

Discuss the pros and cons of the Secure Fence Act of 2006. What problems might be caused by the construction of physical barriers between the United States and Mexico?

Topic 3: Technology

Discuss several technologies that have changed the face of law enforcement in recent years. Provide examples of the pros and cons of these new technologies.

Topic 4: Reflect

Take this opportunity to exchange any additional information and ideas relevant to this week’s Scenario Project.

Answer all questions seperately 

What Is The Difference Between Robert Nozick S Historical Account Of Justice And

What is the difference between Robert Nozick’s historical account of justice and a current time-slice view? Why does he believe the latter view does not give the whole story about what is and is not just? (Distributive Justice – Robert Nozick)

Research Methodsdescribe The Various Qualitative Field Research Paradigms Be Sur

Research methods

Describe the various qualitative field research paradigms. Be sure to consider ethnography, ethnomethodology, grounded theory, case studies, and participatory action research. Provide an example of each. Explain the purpose of each approach and when it is most appropriate to use.

Please note: professor is extremely hard on plagiarism so I will need your word that it should be original work not paraphrasing of old/other work. 

2 Consider A Test That Measures Adults Memory Skills And Suppose That Scores Ar

(2) Consider a test that measures adults memory skills and suppose that scores are bell shaped. You take the test and obtain a score of 254.21 and are told that you are in 96.1th percentile. Your friend also takes the test and obtains a score of 161.42 and is told that he is in the 22.8th percentile. What is overall mean and standard deviation of the test scores?

The Manager Of A Firm Receives An Engineering Report Claiming That An Additional

The manager of a firm receives an engineering report claiming that an additional hour of capital would add twice as much output as would an additional hour of labor. According to the firm’s accountants, an hour of capital costs 3 times more than an hour of labor.

If The Merchandise Trade Account Is Negative Then The United States Economy Is I

If the merchandise trade account is negative, then:

The United States economy is in a recession.

The current account is positive.

The other six balance of payments accounts, by definition, must be positive.

The dollar will appreciate.

What Is The Impact Of Table Relationships On Form Design A Web Search For Releva

What is the impact of table relationships on form design.

A web search for relevant articles and information should be employed to assist you in your response. (at least two web sites)

Initial Response

1) Your input will include supporting sentences using the terms, concepts, and theories with the page number or website from the required readings or other material.

2) need to come up with one question for your peer to research and answer.