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The Beam Bending Capacity

Project description We introduced three ways to improve the beam bending capacity in class. Write a technical report to discuss the optimized beam design by reasonably arrange the supports, reasonably apply loads and reasonably choose the cross section area. The cross section of the beam is rectangular with b as width and h as height. […]

Ncaa Rules And Regulation Due Today

This week’s assignment you will need to take the position of an intercollegiate athletics director and develop a minimum of three and a maximum of five rules/regulations that you will place in your student-athlete handbook and hold each athlete responsible.  For example, Sexual Assault, DUI/DWI, Cheating, Drug Use, Alcohol Use, Hazing, etc.  These are just […]

Week 5 Assignment Due Saturday By 8am

Social Media You have been assigned the task as Marketing Manager to scan social media web sites and try to mitigate the negative consumer postings from a recent crisis. Explain how organizations use social media to communicate with their consumers through a crisis and evaluate how the negative comments were handled by the organizations. Assess […]