Visual Basic Program Needed Attached Will Be Everything Needed Directions Unzip

Visual Basic program needed:

Attached will be everything needed.


Unzip and open the Gross Pay Solution-FunctionGross Pay Solution.sln file. The application should display an employee’s gross pay. Employees receive time and one-half for the hours worked over 40. Use a function to calculate and return the gross pay. Display the gross pay with a dollar sign and two decimal places. Save the solution and then start the application. Click the Exit button and then close the solution.

If You Prepare A 1 00 M Solution Of Nh4clo4 Beginning With Water At 25 5c What I

If you prepare a 1.00 m solution of NH4ClO4 beginning with water at 25.5C, what is the final temperature of the solution in C? Assume that the specific heats of both pure H2O and the solution are the same, 4.18 J/( K*g)

What Conclusion About The Bases In The Codons Of Amber And Ochre Mutations Can B

What conclusion about the bases in the codons of amber and ochre mutations can be made from these observations?

I Need This Wednesday Please 1

FOR YOUR INITIAL POST: You are an attorney representing an actor of your choice who has been offered a role in a feature film. It is your job to negotiate the best possible deal for your actor. Decide what terms you think your actor deserves, request those terms professionally and provide researched support as to why your client is worthy of the demands you are making on his or her behalf. Your demands should fall somewhere between those in Arnold’s contract and those in the sample actor contract.

Remember to:• Provide specific facts that would support your client’s demands. For example, your actor’s history at the box office, awards received (or nominated for), other significant acting roles, etc. 

• Identify your sources and cite them appropriately.

Your first post should be at least three paragraphs.

I Will Pay For The Following Essay Review Of An Academic Research Paper The Essa

I will pay for the following essay Review of an Academic Research Paper. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The research paper conveys the whole process of research from collection of data, to analysis, and to final discussion. For this reason the researchers should be careful while writing the academic research paper and should make sure that all elements and parts of a proper academic research paper are included. The basic layout of the academic research paper consists of following elements: abstract, key words, introduction, literature review, methodology part, analysis and findings, discussion part, and the conclusion and recommendations. Along with this another important element is of the references, as it is important to properly acknowledge the sources of secondary information within the academic research paper. In this paper, the academic research paper by Stainton, Johnson, and Borodizicz (2010) on the topic of “Education validity of business gaming simulation: a research methodology framework” has been critically analysed on the basis of the proper layout for the academic research paper. In the research paper the authors have explored the overall validity of the business gaming simulation on the basis of the previous researches and have proposed a framework for the successful educational validity studies which can facilitate the simulation designers in the process of implementing the valuable simulation media.

Discussion Explaining Emerging Markets And Their Importance

In this assignment, you will discuss the concept of emerging markets in your words. If someone asked you to explain the concept of an emerging market, what would you tell them? Moreover, it is important to know how emerging markets affect the world as well as America financially, politically, and legally.

An emerging market as defined by Kvint (1999) is a country that is transitioning from a dictatorship to a free market. Emerging markets are important to America’s economy because emerging markets are part of a hedge funds for investors (there are more than one hedge fund for emerging markets). This emerging market hedge funds reached $121 billion in the first quarter of 2011; thereby demonstrating the popularity for investors, but also showing what emerging markets are doing domestically and globally.

Explain in your own words what an emerging market is.

  • Explain why emerging markets are important in today’s global economic markets.
  • Explain the implications of emerging markets on America’s financial future. Do emerging markets affect America’s financial, political, or legal future? How?

Write your initial response in a minimum of 200–300 words. Apply APA standards to the citation of sources.

Summary Of The Toulmin Model Can Help Critical Thinking Because Mla Format 4 Par

Summary of The Toulmin Model can help critical thinking because…

MLA format, 4 part.

First part: statement( one sentence, make a claim, finish the prompt)

Second part: elaboration( one paragraph, 5-7 sentences. Start with “In the other words…”)

Third part: example( one paragraph, 5-7 sentences start with” For example…”)

Final part: illustration( metaphor, diagram, etc, start with“ This is like…”)

I send an example. 

The Food Marketing Institute Shows That 17 Of Households Spend More Than 100 Per (1)

 (to 4 decimals)

b. What is the probability that the sample proportion will be within  of the population proportion (to 4 decimals)?

c. What is the probability that the sample proportion will be within   of the population proportion for a sample of 1600 households (to 4 decimals)?

In 2006 Pew Research Center Found That Only 16 Of Older Us Latinos Supported Sam (1)

In 2006, Pew Research Center found that only 16% of older US Latinos supported same sex marriage. In a more recent poll, they found that support for same sex marriage has increased quite a bit. Of the 12 people randomly sampled, 22% supported same sex marriage. Can we safely use the z-test for p in this case? Which of the following is correct?

It is not safe to use the z-test for p in this case since 12*(.16) is not large enough.

It is not safe to use the z-test for p in this case since the sample was not random.

It is safe to use the z test for p in this case.

It is not safe to use the z-test for p in this case since 12*(.22) is not large enough.

Write A Paper Using Journals And Research Articles Explore The Following Nursing (1)

write a paper using journals and research articles, explore the following; Nursing influence on patient outcomes, registered nurse role and responsibility, adapting to health changes and meeting the needs of the patients, burnout, lateral violence, continuing education, feel free to add in any other points beyond this list if applicable..

*A well-written paper; 1,000 words, APA format, minimum 6-10 cited references (the only acceptable web-based sources are .edu or .org), 

proper grammar and professional writing style..