There Are Three Types Of Money Commodity Money Commodity Backed Money And Fiat M

There are three types of money: commodity money, commodity-backed money, and fiat money. What type of money is used in each of the following situations?

A. Bottles of rum were used to pay for goods in colonial Australia?

B. Salt was used in many European countries as a medium of exchangee?

C. For a brief time, Germany used paper money (the “Rye Mark”) that could be redeemed for a certain amount of rye, a type of grain?

D. The tow of Ithaca, New York, prints its own currency, the Ithaca HOURS, which can be used to purchase local goods and services?

Contract Writing Procurement Small And Simple


          You want to hire a professional editor to help your film scripting group to put together a script for a two-hour documentary on the lives of illegal immigrants in Texas.  It is estimated that the editor will be employed by your organization for three months and will be paid $250 per day.  For the most part, he/she will be editing work that your colleagues have already written, or are in the process of writing.  But it is clear that the editor should be able to write new material when the occasion arises.  For the editor to function properly, he/she needs to attend project meetings for the project and be capable of interviewing key people when necessary.

This is all the information you have been given regarding the editor’s potential chores.  You are asked to write a professional services contract that both your Vice President and the editor will sign.

  1. What items and issues should be included in the contract?
  2. Compose a short professional services contract that your company can use on the documentary project

Hello All These Questions Are Related With Hbs S Lego A The Crisis 9 713 478 Art

LEGO (A): The Crisis (9-713-478) article.

Case #9: LEGO (A): The Crisis

  1. What has led the LEGO Group to the edge of bankruptcy? (*)
  2.  Develop an integrated strategic option for LEGO. Try to lay out your option in as much detail as possible. Suggestion: First decide on the objective, scope and advantage. Then flesh out the implications for individual value chain activities. (*)

Please Prepare A Short Essay At Least 1 5 Page Double Spaced For Each Essay For

Please prepare a short essay, at least 1.5 page double spaced for each essay, for three of the following topics:2)Explain how the Fourth Amendment protects the rights of individuals from unreasonable searches at airport checkpoints and give an example of both a reasonable (lawful) search and an unreasonable search (unlawful). 3)Explain the rights of an individual to protection from unreasonable discrimination in employment and give three examples of employer actions that are unreasonable (unlawful) even if the employment is “At Will”. 4)Explain two types of Sexual Harassment, what liability an employer has with regard to Sexual Harassment by its employees, and how it can protect against claims. (25 points) Please use each of the following words/phrases correctly in a sentence: 1)Due process2)LOI, Letter of Investigation3)Immunity4)Civil fine5)SODA, Statement of Demonstrated Ability

The Annual Consumption Of Veal Is Normally Distributed With A Mean Of 109 1 Poun

The annual consumption of veal is normally distributed , with a mean of 109.1 pounds and a standard deviation of 33.7 pounds  random samples 0f 37 are drawn   Using the central limit therom find the mean and standard deviation of the sampling population

I need to see how the answer was reached

Tycho S Snr Type La Distance From 1 Kev To 2 Kev 1 Kev 24 Cm T Of Emission Dista

I need help with this science chart and this supernova graph.

  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2

Data:Tycho’s SNR (Type la)Distance from 1 KeV to 2 Kev: 1 Kev = 24cm#t ofemissiondistancefrom 1 KevEnergy ofchemicallineemission linesymbol(cm)(Kev)of element3.3 75SNR G292.0+1.8 SNR (Type II)Distance from 1 KeV to 2 KeV: 1 Kev =24cm# ofdistanceEnergy offrom 1 KeVchemicalemissionemission linesymbolline(cm)(KeV)of element

I Understand That There May Be Mutations During Translation There Are Two Types

i understand that there may be mutations during translation. there are two types: (a) insertion/deletion or (b) substitution.

What are the potential dangerous outcomes for each? for (a) is it that it may cut short an amino acid chain? Also how do these mutations come about?

Our Text Suggests That The Dimensions Of Servant Leadership Are Related To Posit

Our text suggests that the dimensions of servant leadership are related to positive outcomes in job performance, organizational commitment, and community commitment. In EMS emergency operational settings, leaders need to make decisions without input from subordinates or brainstorming. Compare and contrast servant leadership with at least three other types of leadership that work in emergency operational settings that are task-oriented.

Your response must be at least 350 words in length.

Find An Equation Of The Line Passing Through The Pair Of Points Write The Equati

Find an equation of the line passing through the pair of points. Write the equation in the form Ax+By=X. (4,8) and (3,5)

English 122

For your second essay, you’ll be discussing the ideas in Unit Six. Please choose from one of the following options. Please be sure that your essay starts with a strong thesis. Remember that a thesis HAS ARGUMENT. That means it is an educated claim that can be intelligently disagreed with. If you would have to be uninformed or unintelligent to disagree with your thesis, it isn’t one. If your thesis is impossible to disagree with, it isn’t one. If your thesis tries to present “both sides” of an issue, it isn’t one. This is not to say a good thesis is one-sided. Rather, a good thesis is SPECIFIC and FOCUSED and has a strong idea.

Examine the language used by news reporters, politicians, or pro- and anti-immigration groups in discussing immigration issues. What terms are used to describe unauthorized immigrants, what metaphors are used for the number of immigrants entering the United States, and what are their implications? What racial frames underlie this language? (Your thesis should answer the question “How and to what degree does language influence or determine people’s perceptions of immigrants?)

For each option, you must quote from at least Two different sources, of which TWO must be from your textbook.


 ALSO, In the case of Option one, you must quote from an additional THREE newspaper articles as evidence of the language used around discrimination (total Five).